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including: Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, United States, Wales, Zimbabwe and world-wide one-name studies.


Online names is a free searchable database managed by Adelaide Proformat and compiled from public submissions. It has been available since 1997. The site has been upgraded since 8 June 2011 and many new features are now available

The concept of listing surnames of interest in specific places on this site is based on the basic reality in family history that the ancestry you seek is probably already known by someone in your extended family. The great thing is that this site is a completely free aid to assist in your family history search.

The problem is that these people are so remote from you that you and they are probably not aware of each other, let alone that you may share the same ancestry.

By publishing all your ancestral family names on this site you may just link up with a fellow researcher with the same interests.

A South Australian poster reported on 22 July 2011: 'I have posted many names to your new site over the last fortnight and I have already had 3 responses. 1 was from a lost distant cousin in Queensland. Many thanks and keep up the good work!'

For the site to work well we need many postings and so consider not only putting all your names online, but also encourage all your friends and associates to do likewise. Some visitors complain there are no listings for the names they seek - but then do not post the names themselves! This site only works if you post your family names. If no one posts names but just come for a look - it will not work!

 Make a submission now - it is easy to do. Just click on Post Name above. Go on, you've got nothing to lose!

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